Versatility of Cheesecloth - The Many Uses of Cheesecloth

Cheesecloth BoxCheesecloth Uses - A Very Long List
Cheesecloth is a tremendously versatile cloth with numerous uses. We have been selling cheesecloth for many years and are always hearing of new uses for the fabric from our wide array of customers. Cheesecloth is a gauzy fabric made from 100% cotton, that is light, durable and versatile. It comes in a variety of grades, with each grade ideal for different applications. Some uses can use a wider range of cheesecloth grades, though certain uses have a recommended grade (we will detail below). You can see close-ups of our cheesecloth grades on this site as well.

Use #1 - Cheesecloth for Making Cheese
ThisCheese is the original use of cheesecloth, dating back many, many years. Due to its gauzy nature, the cheese cloth acts as a natural strainer, keeping the solid clump of cheese while the rest drains out. Depending on the type of cheese you are making, you will need a different grade of cheesecloth. Unfortunately, our expertise on this fabric does not extend to the practice of cheese making, so you will have to research elsewhere the ideal grade for your type cheese. Making CheeseYou can see an example to the right, where the clump of cheese is being held by the cotton cheesecloth, while the water drains out. Being 100% cotton, you are using a natural fabric, making it suitable for cooking and food making. Our cheesecloth is Made in the USA, which means you don't need to be worried about questionable foreign manufacturing processes being used on the cheesecloth

Use #2 - Cheesecloth for Cleaning, Wiping & Polishing
We have sold a lot of cheesecloth that is used for cleaning, wiping & polishing. Helicopter GlassOne of the more suprising applications of the cheesecloth was for cleaning helicopter windows. Cheesecloth is non-abrasive and lint-free, ensuring that it does not scratch windows. In a similar vein, it is also used to clean silveware and other delicate valuables. For cleaning, you want to use a higher grade cheesecloth, which is why we reccommend using either the grade #80 or grade #90 cheesecloth for this use. Cheesecloth can be washed and re-used for cleaning, extending its useful life. However, for best results, use brand new cheesecloth only.

Use #3 - Cheesecloth for Wine Filtering
One of the more interesting uses for cheesecloth includes wine filtering. A client of ours uses it to filter wine before testing it. Southern Ontario is a hotbed for wine production, with our cheesecloth being used to test parts of that production. For wine filtering, the recommended cheesecloth grade is either the #40 or the #50 (medium grades).

Use #4 - Cheesecloth for Straining
Similar to the wine filtering application, cheesecloth can also be used to strain any sort of food product. Cut a few yeards of cheeseclothChicken Soup Strained by Cheesecloth and stretch it over a container of soup in order to separate the broth from the vegetables. This can help aboid the mess of cleaning a strainer after using it to filter out the vegetables from your soup and leaves you with delicious, clear soup. Cheesecloth is also used to make greek yogurt (the yogurt is strained and pressed in order to create the thick texture).

Use #5 - Arts & Crafts (Especially for Halloween)
We usually see a huge uptick in sales come halloween time.

Use #6 - Vacuum Filter

Use #7 - Cooking (Stuffing a Turkey)