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Cheesecloth for Restaurants

Visitor: (13:22:24 PM) I’m Roland from Alpine Hut. We have a few branches of our restaurant spread around Canada. I need to purchase cheesecloth for our kitchens. It has to be sufficient for 3 months and good quality.

Customer service: (13:22:35 PM) You’ve come to the right place. We are a premier supplier of cheesecloth. You can choose from a range of Grade 10 to Grade 90.

Visitor: (13:22:54 PM) What would be the highest quality cloth suitable for culinary purposes?

 Customer service: (13:23:11 PM) Any Grade above #60 is usually good for kitchens. You can choose accordingly.

Visitor: (13:23:25 PM) Okay I’ll consult on that and get back to you. What about the price? I want a large shipment and a discount would be great.

Customer service: (13:23:48 PM) We can help with that too. Once you finalize your order please contact us and we will give you a discount code accordingly.

Visitor: (13:24:15 PM) That’s great. I’ll just verify and place my order. Thanks for the help.

Customer service: (13:24:26 PM) No problem sir. We’re happy to help.