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Best Grade Cheesecloth Fabric for Cheesecloth Ghost

Question (12:45:25) – I need to buy cheesecloth for making Halloween Ghosts. What options do you have in the fabric?

Support – (12:45:48) - You have reached the right place. We are one of the premier distributors of cheesecloth in Canada. You mentioned you need the fabric for Halloween ghost’s right?

Question – (12:46:10) - Yes. I am with ***** festive décor suppliers and we recently got an order for 150 Halloween ghosts, which we need to deliver in the next 5 days.

Support – (12:46:23) - Ok for Halloween ghosts, the best is grade 10 and grade 20 fabrics. They are also economical as compared to the higher grades of cheesecloth.

Question – (12:46:48) - Alright, how much do you reckon we would need for 150 ghosts? Or let’s make it 180 so we have spare fabric in case of any mishap.

Support – (12:47:03) - That totally depends on the size of the ghosts. I would recommend you buy at least 5 full bolts of cheesecloth.

Question – (12:47:13) - OK, how do I place the order? Also what about the delivery?

Support – (12:47:21) - You can place the order online and once we receive your order, your shipment will be dispatched by the next morning.

Question – (12:47:48) - Sounds good. I will go ahead and place the order. Look forward to the delivery soon.

Support – (12:48:03) – The cheesecloth is always in stock so we can dispatch it as soon as you confirm the order.  Is there anything else I can help you with?

Question – (12:48:14) - No that will be all.

Support – (12:48:19) -Thank you for your time.


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